Subscription Boxes Reviews #2

Sticker Swaps

Sticker Swaps Website

$9.99/month, cheaper if you select multiple months, including shipping


**I received November's Sticker Swaps box for free in return for an honest review**

So to be perfectly honest, this photo is missing one of the stickers - mainly because it didn't last long enough - it immediately went on my laptop. Sticker Swaps is a monthly subscription of high quality vinyl stickers. While they have some stickers that are the same for every subscriber each month, there is some variety (from what I understand). 

Sticker Swaps arrives in a normal envelope, with regular postage, from the UK. The selection also included a sticker with the Sticker Swaps logo. All in all, I received 11 stickers. Here is the description of some of the stickers (including the missing Game Boy sticker) from one of the founders.

While I liked some of the stickers in this selection, some were complete misses for me. I only liked less than half of the stickers, and because of the size and type of sticker, I also couldn't think of what to do with them, other than stick them on my laptop. 

Verdict: Definitely a subscription more aimed at the collector, rather than a casual sticker user. But if you're looking to up your sticker game, then I would definitely suggest Sticker Swaps.

Beaulitful Reads Box

Beaulitful Reads Website

$24 + shipping


Beaulitful Reads is a book subscription box focused on romance. I've received a few boxes at this point, and for the most part, the novels tend towards the New Adult genre of romance. They also recently switched from shipping in actual boxes to USPS padded envelopes. 

January's box had three things in it: Lucian Devine, with a signed bookplate by the author, Renee Carlino, earrings from Authored Adornments, and a tote bag with a Jane Austin quote on it. While I felt this month's box equaled at least the value I paid for it, I had felt in the past that some boxes' value was not equal to what I paid for it, and that was disappointing. 

Honestly, my favorite part about January's box was the earrings. They're super cute but not something I would have bought myself. 


I was surprised that the book appeared to be a self-published book, as not many subscription boxes do that. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about that, but I appreciate the box branching out into something I might not have bought and read myself.

A bonus that the Beaulitful Reads box has is their accompanying Facebook group, where they hold "book clubs," frequently with the author in attendance.  

Verdict: Due to my past experience with this box, and the price for the amount of items, I don't believe I'll be continuing with the subscription. If you like New Adult romance, though, this is definitely for you! 

Nerdy Post

Nerdy Post Website

$13.95 + shipping


Nerdy Post is a subscription box that focuses on one fandom a month, and includes a variety of hand-lettered and illustrated items. January's was Star Wars! So far, every box I've received has had at least: an 8x10 print (not pictured here), a vinyl sticker, a bookmark, and a gorgeous info card - the "Rebellions are built on hope" quote is actually the back of the info card. Plus, there's been other items as well, such as coasters, pins, buttons, or notebooks. I've received the "Classic Books," "Fantastic Beasts," and "Star Wars" boxes, and every single one has been phenomenal. 

Super Geek Alert: The one downside was that in the "Fantastic Beasts" box, there was a bookmark with an Ilvermorny house on it, and I didn't get my house. And the sticker was also varied, and some of them were way cuter than the one I got. So, consider that my only complaint so far. 

Basically I've been super impressed by the quality of goods in the boxes, especially for the price. After a while, I think I'll have too many 8x10 prints to hang them all up, but I've already found a home for at least one of them. They definitely have good re-gifting potential. 

Nerdy Post is also branching out into Nerdy Tees, which they announce ahead of time so people can decide whether they want that month's t-shirt or not. (Yes, I have signed up for the Disney one.) 

Verdict: You will have to pry this subscription out of my cold dead hands (or bank account). Absolutely love it, every month, even if I wouldn't consider the theme a fandom I follow or am part of. The art is amazing and the quotes are great. All in all, a total win. 

So! Hopefully I won't do another of these posts for a good long while since my bank account is starting to hurt. I've tried quite a few boxes, but right now my standards are Uppercase Box and Nerdy Post. Everything else is kind of hit or miss, and I definitely pick and choose which I want to receive on certain months based on announced themes or hints. 

What do you think? Any really great subscription boxes I'm missing??