Subscription Boxes Reviews

Recently, after realizing that I have more makeup samples than I'll ever use in the next ten years, I ended my long-term relationship with Ipsy. However, I also realized that I still wanted to get that jolt of excitement that comes with a surprise package in the mail. So, I found a few new subscription boxes to try out, and I'd like to share with you my experiences. 


Pipsticks Website

$14.95/$9.95 a month (depending on which option you pick) including shipping

Pipsticks is a monthly sticker subscription. As I scrapbook, and have a planner, I thought Pipsticks would be perfect for me. After all, who doesn't like stickers?! So I ordered and received the April "box." 

The packaging is super cute, and I was really excited to open this one up. It came in a clear envelope, so you could see the packaging inside and knew exactly what it was. 


Some of the Pipsticks stickers were really cute and not like anything I'd ever seen. The ones above are my favorites - the little picture frames with a clear center, and the glittery stickers. I wasn't expecting to like the glittery stickers, because I hate glitter, but the glitter didn't come off of these. Plus, they're really cool, since they're like a sticker within a sticker. The gold ones have wishbones inside them! 

There were some other cute ones too, like the little dog stickers, but there were also a bunch of stickers with foreign language text on them, and while that might appeal to some, it isn't my cup of tea. 

Verdict: While I didn't keep my Pipsticks subscription, if you like stickers that are rare and different, this would be the subscription for you! 

Sci-Squad Box

Sci-Squad Website

$29.99 a month + shipping

Sci-Squad is a fairly new subscription box, having only sent out their first box in March after an Indie Go Go campaign. I signed up for the very first one, and so I've received two so far. Sci-Squad is a monthly graphic novel, plus other goodies based on a theme. April's theme, as you can see above, was "Space." One thing Sci-Squad does really well is packaging - I really love the way the box looks. 

Plus, with the amount of goodies (for April: a graphic novel, a single issue comic book,  a Funko Pop! figurine, a pair of socks, and a small 5x7 print) I think that even though it is expensive, you are getting your money's worth! The print for this month is matte and really cool, and the socks are a ton of fun too! There have been Funko Pop! figurines in each box, and I am a little worried about that, since I don't particularly want a huge collection (though my step-daughter does). 

Verdict: While expensive, I think the Sci-Squad box does a really good job curating the items and I've really enjoyed the two I've received so far. I like the variety and having a theme that they work around, too. The Sci-Squad box isn't one I'll subscribe to forever, but right now I'm hanging on to my subscription. One thing to note, if it matters to you - the Sci-Squad box ships pretty late in the month, so you'll receive the box right before it renews for the next month. 

The Planner Addict Box

The Planner Addict Box Website

$15.00 + shipping

Since I just started getting into planners, I thought The Planner Addict Box would be a fun one to try out. I have a Mambi Happy Planner, and I like the idea of getting goodies every month to decorate it. The box pictured here is the May box. 

The Planner Addict Box is also based on a monthly theme. This one was creativity. I really enjoyed the presentation of this box, even if the box itself came a little bunged up. The amount of stuff for the money seemed like a good deal, as well, though I didn't like everything, so that made the value go down a bit in my eyes. The stickers weren't as cute as some others I've seen online, and the color scheme wasn't my favorite. Plus, the little branded notebook was just that - a little notebook, and I have a million of those lying around. 

My favorite items from The Planner Addict Box were the page flags, which were super cute, and the washi tape. I am not sure what I'll use the page flags for, but I'll figure it out! 

Verdict: Not my fave. I'm thinking I'll stick to a planner box that is just stickers, since the random assortment of things in this box weren't my cup of tea. (I also tried the Station Stickers Club, which I sadly did not photograph before I dug in, and I loved that one!) 

Uppercase Box

Uppercase Box Website

$23.00 + shipping

The Uppercase Box was selected after much agonizing between the Uppercase Box and Owlcrate, which are both young adult book subscription services. Eventually I selected Uppercase because of its cheaper price point and based on past selections of books. Uppercase had previously sent out more books that I was interested in compared to Owlcrate. My subscription started with the May Uppercase Box. 

One downside to Uppercase is there is no theme, so I felt the items were a bit random. However, that did not diminish my enjoyment of any of them! The book is signed, which is awesome, and Uppercase has a feature where you can go on the website and enter a code when you get to a certain point in the book to see extra content. I'm not a huge loose tea drinker, but I'm certainly willing to give it a try, and the postcards are ADORABLE! 

Verdict: I'm keeping this one! Even though I'm not sure the items add up to the value of the box, the signed book and the extra content on the website add value that is hard to put a dollar amount on. The one downside is that this one doesn't come in an actual box, but a padded envelope, and I'm a little worried how future books will fare in that kind of packaging.

So there you have it! My foray into various different subscription boxes! What subscription boxes have you tried? What is your favorite type of box to get?