Weekend Apron Project

Recently, a friend of mine asked me if I'd be willing to create an apron for her mom, for an event her gardening club has. Of course, I am always willing to sew up things, so I said yes! The theme of the event is ladybugs, so the first step was hunting for ladybug fabric. 

I came up with a few (click image to go to site to buy): 

But all of the ones I was able to find were quilting cotton, and my friend's mom wanted something a little heavier weight. So we ended up going with a laminated cotton (perfect for an apron, anyway!) and chose this one - Robert Kaufman's Urban Zoologie Slicker Laminated Cotton Lady Bugs Ruby. 

Next up was the pattern! We didn't want something that tied behind the neck, so we were soon looking at vintage patterns. 


This pattern is on page 13 of the PDF when you click through. 

This pattern is on page 13 of the PDF when you click through. 

The pattern on the left is from the 1940s, and the pattern on the right is from the 1950s. I ended up taking the front from the pattern on the left, and the back from the pattern on the right. 

After making a quick mock up, I went to work on the main apron. I had to extend the length of the straps going over the shoulder for both patterns, to make them meet at the shoulder correctly. I also struggled with gathering the laminated cotton - much more difficult than normal cotton. I ended up having to gather it in two sections, half and half. I also added a black waist band to emphasize the wearer's waist and to give it a more finished look. I finished the entire apron with double folded bias tape, which was about two and a half packages! The final dilemma was the pockets - did I want to use the ladybug fabric edged with bias tape, or completely black pockets? I ended up trying the black first, and I lined them with the ladybug fabric. They turned out super cute in my opinion! So, here is the final apron! 

It turned out super cute in my opinion! Hopefully the person receiving it likes it just as much!